Jack Bruner Honors Geology Scrapbook

Article 1 Response (ocean acidification)

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Decaying algae and fish as well as human carbon emissions are releasing chemicals (mainly carbon dioxide) which have been increasing the acidity of the world’s oceans. The rise is acidity is affecting the growth and mere existence of many types of sea life around the world. For example; scallops and coral skeletons are unable to develop correctly. A problem that could even affect our daily life is the fishing industry. The Pacific Northwest oyster fishing has been withering in previous years. This large industry accounts for a large part of the West coasts economy and thousands of jobs. If this acidification continues than the oysters (as well as many other species of aquatic animal) could be deemed unsafe to eat; this would leave the economy in shambles and thousands without work. There is little that humans can do to stop the decomposition of fish, but we have to start cutting down our carbon emmisions in order to preserve the fishing industry. 


Author: jbruner15

Student in Mr. L's IFA class

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