Jack Bruner Honors Geology Scrapbook

Article 6 Response (Arctic Sea Record Low)

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The Arctic Sea ice is declining at a increasing rate as time goes on. Still related to the affects of global warming. In August alone ice was declining at 35,400 square miles per day double the historic average for this time of year. Yes, their is a pattern for when the ice form and when it melts, but is just thinner that it used to be as many scientists describe it. Humans have been impacting the temperature of the Earth and we have left such a large mark on the world that there is little we can do to help prevent the ice caps from melting now, but we must start planning for the future so that one day the world can be like it was 100 years ago or 200 years ago. 


Author: jbruner15

Student in Mr. L's IFA class

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