Jack Bruner Honors Geology Scrapbook

Article 9 Response (Rising Sea Levels)

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On the East coast of the United States of America, rising sea levels have beset problems of seashore residents. Due to the melting of polar ice caps waters have been on the rise. “Analyzing tide-level data from much of North America, U.S. Geological Surveyscientists unexpectedly found that sea levels in the 600-mile (1,000-kilometer) stretch of coast from Cape Hatteras (map), North Carolina, to the Boston area climbed by about 2 to 3.8 millimeters a year, on average, between 1950 and 2009.” while the East coast is rising faster and faster, global water has been growing at the average place. In order to stop the rise in water, people must begin taking into notice what they send out into the environment (i.e. Carbon Dioxide). It is sad that our world is beginning to react to what we have done to it, but it is important that we use this as a wake up call and start changing how we live now. 


Author: jbruner15

Student in Mr. L's IFA class

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