Jack Bruner Honors Geology Scrapbook

Article 11 Response (Antarctic Ozone)

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A large hole in the Earth’s ozone layer above Antarctica is the smaller than it was in the past, a hopeful sign? Recorded on September 22nd, the hole spanned 8.2 million square miles whereas in September 2000, the hole was measured at 11.5 million square miles. This is a good sign that the ozone layer may heal itself eventually. It has been predicted that for the hole to return to its early 1980’s state, it will take over 40 years (2060). The recovery of the ozone layer, which protects us from some of the sun’s harmful rays and helps preserve a moderate temperature on Earth, is a good sign that humans efforts to preserve our environment is working. I hope that the hole continues to decrease; i know that i will do my best to stay “green.”


Author: jbruner15

Student in Mr. L's IFA class

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